About Us

Your Council


The community of Clydach is served by 16 Community Councillors who each represent individual wards within the area. Councillors hold public office and do not get paid a wage for their roles. Our aim is to collectively make our community a better place to live, work, play and grow. The Community Council is your voice and has powers to represent its constituents on planning, well-being, and anything that is reasonable to enhance the area and improve quality of lives of its inhabitants. 

Our Responsibilities


The Community Council currently manages two community halls and a play area as well as maintaining parcels of land throughout the village. The council runs a number of events each year. Any profit from our events is ringfenced within a community fund and reinvested into the local community in the form of grant awards to local groups. Find out more about our events below: 

Get Involved


We are always grateful for the support of volunteers. Indeed, there are many other organisations within our community who could benefit from your time. If you have time to share and a willingness to work with others to improve our village, please visit our volunteering section to see how you can help.