About The Fund

The Community Fund opens on 26th August and will close at 5pm on 30th September 2019. Decisions will be communicated to successful applicants on 10th October. 

The Community Council runs events throughout the year. Any money raised from these events is ring-fenced and is reinvested back into the community to support local groups and causes. This is a perfect example of a community supporting themselves. Below are only a few examples of how we have helped local groups in the last year. You can see if you are eligible to apply to the fund, and hopefully apply, at the bottom of this page. 

here are some examples of those we have supported recently

Clydach Cricket Football Club


A grant from the community fund paid for sponsorship of the Clydach Cricket Football Club, allowing them to purchase new playing kit for the 18/19 season. 

DJ Boxing Club


£300 from the Community Fund paid for additional training equipment for the youth at DJ boxing Club to enhance their skills. 

Clydach Heritage Centre


Following a successful application to the Community Fund, Clydach Heritage Centre received help with the costs involved in producing  their annual newsletter. 

Clydach Senior Citizens Club


Clydach Senior Citizens Club were successful in applying for £300 for a new PA system for their Thursday evening club.

Vardre RFC Juniors


Vardre RFC Juniors received £300 to help pay for additional coaching qualifications. 

St John Ambulance


St John Ambulance were successful in applying for help towards training and equipment costs. 

Are you eligible to apply?


Not For Profit?

Are you a group, organisation or individual who operates on a not for profit basis? We cannot award any grant to any of the above where profit is made. 

Of Local Benefit ?

Does your group or project benefit people locally? It is always more advantageous if your project will support a lot of people, especially if your project helps those who might be underrepresented.  Your project must also be within th

Applied In The Last 12 Months?

We can only accept one application from each group, organisation or individual in a 12 month period. 

Willing to share the big news?

If you are successful, we will ask your permission to advertise the award on our social media platforms. You must also bear in mind that as a public body, our finances are made public so we will be obliged to let the public know who has been awarded money from the fund. We also ask that you share the news on any social media sites you operate.

Ready To Apply ?

Please ensure you download and read the terms and conditions and guidance notes below BEFORE applying to the community fund. Your application will not be accepted unless you agree to these terms.