an overview of clydach

Map of Clydach

Clydach today

Clydach is a large village within the Swansea Valley and this vibrant and welcoming community is part of the Gower constituency. It has a population of 7,500 and over 20% of its inhabitants are  Welsh speakers. The Community Council ward includes the village of Clydach, Graigfelen, and an area of Glais. 

In addition to a Community Council, the ward has two county councillors, Cllr Paulette Smith (Labour) and Cllr Gordon Walker (Independent). 

Clydach has three English-medium and one Welsh-medium primary schools. Glais also has a primary school.  There are several places of worship in the village, community halls and a resource centre, a library, and the high street is home to a  range of independent retail and food outlets. 

There is plenty to do within Clydach for all ages. Please visit the Activities & Attractions to see a non-exhaustive list of what Clydach has to offer. For more statistical information, please click here and to see aspects of village life, view the video below.  

Clydach on Film

Clydach in the past

In 1878, Clydach was sparsely populated and consisted of only a small amount of dwellings and farms. Within 30 years, the population of Clydach boomed with the Industrial Revolution. Clydach became home to numerous collieries, a tin plate works, nickel works and was a hive of activity with road, rail and canal transport conveying raw materials from the valleys to the coast.

Today, Clydach still bears many of the signs of the industrial revolution. Vale Inco (The Mond Nickel Works) still remains one of the biggest employers in the area.  If you would like to know more about the village's history and heritage, visit the websites of the Clydach Historical Society and Clydach Heritage Centre.