Volunteer Introduction

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Clydach Community Council is coordinating local volunteers to help people who are self isolating, or not able to leave due to age or other vulnerabilities. As a volunteer, you would undergo a DBS Check to help ensure the most vulnerable within our community are as safe as possible.  The local volunteers are a critical lifeline especially where a person is vulnerable and has no friends, family or neighbours to help them at this time. 

As a volunteer, there will be some tasks expected of you

Grocery Shopping

Medication Collection

Medication Collection


Volunteers will complete a basket sized grocery shop for a person (2 Bags). There are systems in place to avoid the use of handing over cash. 

Medication Collection

Medication Collection

Medication Collection


Medication can be collected from a local Pharmacy. This must be arranged by the person being supported. 

Regular Phone Calls

Medication Collection

Regular Phone Calls


Volunteers can give a minimum of a daily phone call to see if the person is ok, or needs anything. 

Extra Duties

The current situation is changing by the day, and as such we must change too. There may be other duties required from volunteers such as supporting a local supermarket to deliver food,  supporting the local authority with a food distribution hub, delivering leaflets, or anything else that may happen.  

I'm INterested ... what next ?

Email Us

Send us an email to mail@clydach.wales to say you are interested. 

Receive an email acknowledgement

You will receive an email back from us with a letter attached about being a volunteer and DBS requirements. You will need to reply to that email to say you are happy for us to start a DBS Check. 

Receive a DBS Link

You will receive a link from the DBS Checking system. You will need to complete some basic information to start the DBS Process. The checking can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks. This can be frustrating, but we want to reassure the people we support that we have taken all necessary steps to protect them.

Satisfactory check returned

Once your check is received back by us, and is deemed satisfactory, you will be notified and added to an email and WhatsApp list. 


As people require help, you will be allocated a person to support. Don't worry, we will also provide you with a volunteer pack with detailed information and guidelines about your role as a volunteer.