Do you need support whilst self-isolating?

Clydach Community Council is currently coordinating support for vulnerable individuals or families offered by volunteers and Community Councillors. Resources are limited so we are only able to support those who are self isolating due to displaying symptoms of COVID-19,  those over 70, or those with an underlying health condition. 

Before you seek support, please seriously consider whether a family member, friend or neighbour can complete tasks for you otherwise you might be taking support away from those who desperately need help. 

Our volunteers are often helping out around work and family commitments and many of them are also keyworkers. Please be patient and understanding. 

If you are being supported by one of our volunteers, then they may be able to complete a basic shop for you. This MUST consist of essential items and not luxury items. The volunteer will not be able to shop at large supermarkets as they are often shopping for a number of people at the same time. The volunteer can give you more information on this. 


If you, or someone you know needs help, AND has no other way of receiving this help, then call us on 07940 343770 or email . We are also able to take messages through our facebook page, search for 

'Clydach Community Council'. 



The UK Government has provided information for businesses and individuals who need financial support. This also includes information on grants, loans and Statutory Sick Pay / Self Isolation arrangements. 


Welsh Government Support and Advice

Click on the link below to access information regarding COVID-19 from the Welsh Government. This site covers everything from financial support to educational arrangements.